Between the Lines: India's Third Gender

Repping best view to date into the world of the Indian eunuch, “Between the Lines: India’s Third Gender” may not answer all the questions it poses, but helmer Thomas Wartmann provides an intimate glimpse at a community whose members are considered pariahs and conduits of supernatural force. Following shutterbug Anita Khemka in her quest to discover why these castrated men fascinate and repel, docu concentrates on three personalities and uses them as guides to their highly stratified world. Under its nautch skirts, film has strong enough legs to step out into international arthouses.

Genres: Documentaire


Réalisateur: Thomas Riedelsheimer

Pays: Germany

Durée: 95 min.

Qualité: HD

Année: 2005

Between the Lines: India's Third Gender (2005) - IMDb 6